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Shut Your Gutter Mouth Up! Solid Star Flashes DNA Test Result As True Father Of His Son

solid star showd dna test proving he is the father of his white son

Nigerian R&B singer Solid Star real name Joshua Iniyezo from Delta State, recently had a kid with his white lady of British origin, quenched rumors and critics about him not being the legitimate father of their child.

Due to the extreme white  physical features of his kid, the singer had to succumb to a DNA test to finally end all doubts about him being the legitimate biological father. Recently the singer flashed a copy of the DNA test result, proving that he is infact the true biological father of his new born son, thereby shutting up critics and supposed  haters who instigated rumors that he wasnt the true dad. The singer also wrote:

       "for those of you talking poo, guess this wuld shut ur gutter mouth up.".

Man Battles For His Life After Being Raped By Male Neighbor In Ebonyi, Nigeria.

man rapes male neighbor nigeria

Keneth Nweke who hails from Ebonyi state of Nigeria is presently lying at the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakiliki (FETHA) under critical condition after being raped anally by a 26 year old man named Lawrence Anyigor from Benue State.

Anyigor who also lives in the community, was alleged to have broken into the house of the victim at 1:30am in the morning and forced himself on Nweke. The alleged rape, resulted in serious bleeding. Nweke was rushed to the nearby hospital and the police authorities were also alerted on the incident.

The police public relations officer George Okafor confirmed the incident which happened while the victim was asleep. Lawrence Anyigor invaded his room and forcefully sodomized him. Anyigor has since been arrested and charged.

Nigeria seriously frowns at rape and sodomy as distinct crime whereby sodomy alone attracts 14 years prison sentence to  whoever is found guilty of the act.

Jim Iyke And Nadia Buhari Reunite For New Movie Since Their Messy Public Break Up

jim iyke, nadia buhari together american driver promotion new movie

Since their really public break up, the former couples Jim Iyke and Nadia Buhari would be seen together for the promotion of their new movie titled American Driver. "Nothing personal",  all for the sake of their careers, friendship and progress. Although it is rumored that the former love birds are still not in friendly terms ,mostly due to Nadia's surprise pregnancy with another lover after Jim Iyke was said to have proposed to her for marriage. It was also said that Jim Iyke was greatly shocked and disheartened.

The movie which was shot as Texas USA, would be premiering very soon. Since the incident between them, they seem to have gone on with their respective lives. Nadia is engaged to the father of her children while Jim Iyke has also brought a bouncing baby boy into the world with his girlfriend Dana Kinduryte, who is Lithuanian by Nationality and aged 23.

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Off For Vacation At Jamaica Away From Critics And Social Media

rob kardashian and blac chyna vacation beacg jamaica
Rob Karsahsian and Blac Chyna's relationship has strived despite a whole lot of criticism and rumors on social media, that they were heading for a probable break up. The couples are not letting go of themselves and they have proved it times without number that they would be together, but the problem is that they haven't been able to escape public eyes ,and social media despite  their supposed efforts  to remain hidden.

They were spotted heading for a beach in Jamaica, the perfect zone for love birds, few minutes after they landed at the Sangster Airport. Rumors also have it that Blac Chyna might just be pregnant for Rob, due  to photos she posted via snapchat with a slight bulge on her belly but this has not yet been verified.

Mexican Sexy Looking Female Only Police Unit With Skimpy Outfits And High Heels Disbanded

sexy female unit in mexico disbanded

Due to the damaging effect the all female unit might have on the police force in the city of Augascalientes in Central Mexico, it was hastily disbanded. The unit comprised of 20 female police officers choosen specifically due to their sexy and beautiful looks, and was originated by Ronaldo Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy a retired general.

They first gained popularity in 2013 when they took a photo with President Enrique Pena Nieto. Their major function was to take part in social events and create friendly rapport between the police force and members of the public. What really brought them to public eye was their skimpy uniforms, dashing sunglasses and their 4.7 high heels boots polished and black.

Nothing is permanent and the new Public Security Secetary For State Eldorado Bahena Pineda wasn't moved by their social responsibility, and saw their function as probably more harmful than advantageous.   He ensured they were disbanded. 13 of the total 20 women have left the police force while the 7 who are left have joined other units, wearing normal uniforms. A former member or the unit named Ama Rosa, described the changed as positive and gave her opinion stating:
"People would come to us, but they seemed puzzled as we did not look like real policewomen. "Now that I'm an operative officer and I wear police shoes I feel much prouder. I was proud before, but now I feel prouder." 

Source: UK Mirror

Sex Tips For Women - Blow His Mind With The Perfect Turn On

sex tips for women to turn on your man and improve sex

Most men in relationships see sex as a priority when determining the longevity or their relationship. Love, compatibility, and communication also matter  but sex is the most determining factor how long he would be in that relationship. If he is bored by your lack of sexual capability or creativity, then his days with you are really numbered. 

Do you want to be the woman who's giving him the best sex ever? Then the following tips are very vital to improve your sex life and sustain your relationship. 

• Don't Be Secluded To The Bed Room

Start by turning him on from outside of the bedroom. The bedroom shouldn't be a zone for sex alone. Make him want you even away from the bedroom. It's called "foreplay" and you have to be an expert at it. You want to be creative? Creativity means that your seduction and sexual capabilities can be held anywhere and not just the traditional bedroom. 

Sometimes suprise him at work, take him somewhere private, kiss him intensely and show him your new sexy underwear, if he tries to touch you don't let him, tell him if he wants you he would have to come get you. Dressing sexy for a private dinner, giving him a naked massage while you are half naked can also turn him on.

Exploring sex zones away from the bedroom is also crucial to making him want you more. Men get tired of constant an predictable sex. The bottom line when it comes to sex, be unpredictable. 

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• Be Open To New Things

Don't be too rigid about sex, by giving your man terms , conditions, dos and don't about sex with him. It's discouraging and he wouldn't be with you that long when some lady he finds by the corner fulfills all his sexual fantasies. Be flexible about sex learn to explore new things with him ,to make sex much more enjoyable to improve your relationship.

• Tell Him What You Want

Sometimes a man is turned on when he knows that he is giving his partner the satisfaction she requires. Don't keep shut and pretend that you're satisfied with the sex if you're not. Tell him what you want and how you want it. Tell him what makes you get turned on and how you easily reach the plateau with various sexual acts. This  is very sexy and easily gets men turned on especially when they see it as an obligation to make you satisfied. 

• Quickies Are Always Good

Having a quickie and not the regular love making is really good. Especially when you have sex with clothes on. Sometimes during work-break, your partner and yourself could settle for a quickie. Even at home ,getting undressed for sex always would just be too official or traditional when  a quickie would suffice perfectly. Never forget to always tell him how you enjoyed the last sexual escapade with him. it keeps him going.

• Skype 

It's really an alternative means in mordern long distance relationship to get the sexual grove on. Get sexy on skype. Dress sexy, act sexy and seductive. Your man would love it and no man can deny he's never fancied his partner turning him on through a distance via video calling. It would make him want you more especially when you clash in person, that sex would be something to really write home about. 

• Sex Text Messages

Sexy text messages still work perfectly and cannot be out written, especially  flirty ones. Guys love to flirt on the phone so make your sexy text messages to your partner worthwhile. Flirt with him whenever possible. e.g " I can't wait for you to ride me from behind like you did the last time" .Such is a perfect way to turn him on instantly. 

• Experiment Various Sexual Positions

Missionary style  alone during love making would definitely bore the hell out of him one day, if practiced everyday. There are numerous sexual styles and positions that can renew your sexual cravings and keep your relationship going for as long as possible. Doggy, Reverse, Cowgirl, 69 and several other sexual positions would easily outdo the missionary style. 

• Give Him Surprise Sex

Sometimes you just might be out with him taking a stroll or even in the cinema watching a movie, or anywhere. Tell him you're not wearing any underwear and you would like him to take you as soon as possible. This kind of surprise would turn him on and make him feel the need to satisfy and  show that he is a man who can take on a sexual challenge anywhere and anytime. 

• Noise, Moans and Loud Sex

Some ladies cant help but moan and make a little bit of noise during sex, while others are just loud. This shows the man that he is doing something right and it's a form of encouragement that he should get on with it. You don't need to over do the noises and the moans. Be as natural as possible and always remember that you have neighbours around. 

• Go Down On Him 

Know how to give a man oral sex and learn how to be a perfectionist in the art. It could drive a man insane and it also gives you absolute control of the sex. This kind of sex makes a man feel absolutely good and accepted by his partner. Men also derive pleasure when they go down on ladies. Letting a man go down on you and letting him aware of how best to go about it for you to reach orgasm is sexy. 

• Lap Dancing & Dirty Talking

Learn how to lap dance. Every situation mustn't lead to sex for it to be extremely sexual. Give him some lap dance and talk dirty sexy things while you do so. Say things into his ear like " whip my ass right now" or " I want you so bad, take me on you bad bad boy" and so on. 

• Sex Toys Have Come To Stay

Modern sex cannot do away with sex toys. They improve sex and would make you crave for the real thing when it actually arrives. It could also help to enable some ladies reach orgasm in combination with the real sex. Such exploration of sex toys is a form of sexual adventure between you and your partner and makes sex very splendid indeed. 

• Be Natural 

Never try to gain your man's love and attention by faking your moans, orgasm and foreplay whatsoever. It won't be long for him to realize and shut you away swiftly, seeking satisfaction elsewhere. Be yourself, act natural and enjoy your relationship.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Nigerian Man 29 Weds 69 Year Old American Bride At Senegal- A Test Of True Love

As reported by a facebook social media user who goes by the name Ngone Ndiaye, who was kind enough to share the traditional wedding photos, of a 29 year old Nigerian man David Ndube , happily wedded to the love of his life a 69 year old American bride and pharmacist by profession.

This is probably another romantic drama whereby African young male  hustlers cling to  wealthier older foreign women for their survival or this might be a story on true love. The wedding was said to have occured few weeks back at Dakar Senegal on the 17th of Febuary and was attended by friends and well wishers.

More Photos:

Source: Facebook

[Uncensored Version] Kim Kardashian Blonde Naked Selfie On Instagram

Kim Kardashian wife of Kanye West and mother of two made waves recenty when she displayed her nude photo to whoever cared to see on instagram, fortunately for the controvetial reality tv star, everyone cared to have a glimpse of her naked photo. this wasnt enough to satisfy viewers because it was completely censored. see the uncensored version below.

Queen Elizabeth Is Secretly Not A Fan Of Gay Marriage: "Marriage Is For Man And Woman"

queen elizabeth not in support of gay marriage

Due to her Christian values and conservative religious belief as the head of the Church Of England   , the Queen of England has ruled out the legalization of Marriage between people who are of thesame biological sex. This was reported by sources said to be close to the Queen as disclosed by a Newspaper based in London. 

The Queen as published by Daily Mail on Sunday was said to be secretly against the legality of same sex union but is absolutely okay with civil and social partnership between people of the LGBT community. 

It might also interest readers to know that in March of 2014 Wales and England legalized same sex marriage. Scotland followed up a month later with gay marriage legalization. Northern Ireland so far is the only member of the United kingdom that has put a halt to its decision on Gay marriage.

Same source also revealed the Queen's opinion stating that it's  the "Marriage" thing that she thought was wrong, because marriage ought to be sacrosanct between a man and woman as reported by Daily Mail. 

BBC Reports: 

“Those in civil partnerships can choose to convert their relationships to marriage, via a procedure expected to be in place by the end of the year, but are under no obligation to do so,”
“The law prohibits the Church of England from performing same-sex weddings, and allows other religious organizations to refuse to perform them.”
So far the Queen of England has never publicly approved or condemned gay marriage.    

Source; Daily Mail, BBC

Man Stabs His Beauty Queen Girlfriend In The Neck After An Intense Argument Over Phone

The alleged incident was said to have taken place recently at Santa Fe, New Mexico as a result of strains in their relationship.  Macarena Ardit 23 was stabbed in the neck by her 27 year old boyfriend Mauricio Suligoy,  after they had an argument over the phone. The beauty queen who recently contested the Queen of Surbi Beauty, and also a business woman,  was having her bath when her boyfriend allegedly got into her home and stabbed her in the neck after pretending to come for a talk. Suligoy has  been charged for domestic violence. 

Ruben Martinez the prosecutor of the case, made it known that the attack on Ardit took place at 11pm. Ardit friend who was present at the scene of the incident said she went upstairs and found her friend lying in a pool of blood. 

As reported by UK Mirror; 
Ardit said when Suligov drove to her home, she opened the door to allow him in and the prosecutor said he left the house after a short while, only for Aridit to be discovered by her friend with a stab wound to the neck, lying soaked in blood. 
Ardit is presently in intensive care at the Reconquista Hospital. Suligov who had long since escaped and gone into hiding ,was later apprehended by police through the use of his dad who convinced him to give himself up. 

Source: UK Mirror

I Made You Famous! Chris Brown Attacks Karrueche Tran And Her Manager Via instagram

karrueche tran jaacob york and chris brown fight on instagram chris brown attacks karrueche

After the intense love and romance that got fans and critics believing that true love exists, they broke up and it's been months since their relationship crashed. Karrauche Tran seem to have moved on but Chris Brown is not yet finished with his jest making,  and isnt over with how their relationship came drooling down, probably due to Tran's upper hand in the break up. 

Karrueche Tran (L) Jacob York (M)
Their fight initially involved Tran's  manager  Jacob York, but this has gradually evolved into fight for social media and it gets intense day by day. 

As reported by The Shade Room; 
Chris Brown saw one of York’s clients wearing a Chris Brown Made T- Shirt. Brown put up the  picture via  his instagram page, with the caption, “@jacobyork fat ass is gonna have a speech for you”. Jacob York replied him, making reference to Brown’s alleged history of drug use saying: “Cocaine is a hell of a drug #davechappelle,” York said.
And that was how the media fight started. Chris Brown cursed and kept up with the curse directed at Jacob York. Chris Brown wasn't satisfied yet. He dragged in Yorks's client into the fight who happened to be his ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran. He insisted that without him Tran would be nowhere, without him she would never have been this famous. 

More reports from TMZ states that it was York, Karrueche's manager who allegedly instigated the break up between Chris Brown and his Karrueche Tran ,that ended sourly. Everyone is quiet startled why Chris Brown would attack Tran after singing something really intense and romantic about the love they once shared. 

See More Of Their Exchange: 

Source: instagram/TMZ/ TheShadeRoom

Lebron James And His Friendly P*nis Distort The Internet And Social Media Once Again

Last year June during an intense match between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors,  James to a break to adjust his pants, but cameras zoomed just  too close to reveal what he had in store behind his shorts, and that broke  social media. 

Once again the Basket Ball legend,  Lebron James has refused to stick to basket ball, making fame via the internet with his enormous looking pen*s. Although this time the Basket Ball player  was taking an innocent  stroll down the streets but people weren't up for an autograph, they were amazed at  what dangled between the star's legs. Its  obvious the player has boycott the use of underwears and  social media  once again is talking about it. 

see photo:

lebron james penis social media

Source: Instagram/ Entertainment Prescription

Sex Tips For Men 101 - Make Her Go Crazy For More Unforgetable Sex.

Men are always scanning through the Internet for unique information on how to boost their sexual life and impress their ladies in bed. Sex is good, it boosts relationship, it's healthy but poor sex is a real turn off especially to women who want to be satisfied. It takes extra effort on the part of a man to satisfy a woman.

The truth about sexual impression on your lady is to be yourself. Scan through the search pages of the vast Internet and you would always encounter very similar information that still amounts to the same thing "be yourself".

What Do You Mean Be Yourself? 

Being yourself is to act as natural as possible while in the act of satisfying her sexually. Any tip that you have learned from the Internet or a porn video at which you intend to try, might be a disaster if you don't act as natural as possible while trying to  satisfy your partner . She would be turned off and so as you if your performance is not well rated.

What you need to know are the basics of sexual pleasure. Creativity depends on the couple, environment and  the general  mood. The following  are sexual tips every man must know like a national anthem. Know these tips and you are capable of making any lady want you more because they are all what ladies need to get satisfied, anything more that this would be branded a sexual fetish, which is not the present topic at hand.

• Your Environment Matters Alot

Wherever you decide to have sex doesn't necessarily have to be cozy and comfortable as ever. Sex isn't for comfort, sex is for satisfaction. Having sex at just one spot alone like your bed is just demoralizing. Learn to explore sexual zones to spice up the life. Places she might not deem nice to have sex normally could be the best place she would ever have sex,  if you convince her to have sexual experiences at zones away from the bed, i would help your sexual life intensely.

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• What's Her Fantasy?

Whatever her Fantasy is, be ready to yield to her demand however awkward these  fantasies might seem. Some fantasies might seem out of the ordinary. That's the only way sex can be interesting. Some ladies like to be in control during sex, others like you yield to command, some love to be spanked, tied up or even love to be told dirty things just to make them horny.

• Go Down On Her Slowly 

Never rush sex especially when you have to go down on her as a man. Gently explore her honey pot with your mouth and tongue . Now lick that clit with your tongue and slowly rub it till she Orgasms. This is an intense way of making her satisfied sometimes penetration isn't always the best go. Just teasing, pleasing, rubbing and licking alone are just pleasurable and fully satisfying alone.

• Sex Toys Are Always Available 

Explore sex toys. The dildos and vibrators are favorites and always recommended as first choice. Sex toys have come to stay and they always enhance sex and add more pleasure to your sexual explorations . Don't be intimidated as a man. They have not come to replace you, neither can it ever make up for the real thing you got down there . Explore sex toys on her before the actual sex. This would make her  crave for the real thing even more and nothing in the world would feel better to her at that moment you finally thrust her.

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• Play With Her Boobs

Teasing and playing with her boobs alone could drive her really crazy and horny . Settle down and play with those boobs and nothing else, however little or large they are.  This would turn you on also but the pleasure is for her satisfaction . Kiss it, lick it until it goes hard. That's more like it. This would make her wet without a doubt and free way to stick your fingers in her for a little fingering. She would cum without hesitation if you play right.

• Let Her Be In Charge

Let her be in charge. That would mean allowing her be on top of you during sex. Let her ride you and control the motion of your thrust to her pleasure. Remember to maintain eye contact with her. This drives women totally horny and wild during sex seeing you down there while they are absolutely in control of the sex would give her  absolute satisfaction.

• Talk Dirty, Act Dirty

No matter how moralistic she might be, seem or sound, show her that it's not allowed in the bed room. There are no rules in your sexual domain and that means you can say anything you want to her during sex. Talk dirty, be the bad and nasty man. Grab her ass or boobs and if she resists, grab it again. She is your partner so show her she is yours  but in a dirty nasty way. Sometimes grab her ass in public when no one is looking and tell her you would teach her some lesson when you both get home.

• Raid Her With Kisses

This should be the first thing you should do before carrying out any sexual tip. Raid her body full of kisses. Oh! Women love kisses. Kisses are like soft electrical sparks to them that move like a wave through their body, sending them intense sexual signals that it's time to get wet and have sex. Kiss them, keep kissing them all over their body  for some minutes and watch them beg for more.

• Watch Some Porn 

Women also watch porn not just men. Sit down and watch porn like you are in the cinema and if there is any style she would like to try out, do your duty as a man and do it swiftly and efficiently.

• Take Her From Behind

Most ladies love to be taken from behind. The doggy style is a very popular sexual position and cherished by women. Thrust her with a steady rhythm, grab her ass then spank it, keep spanking them , then grab it again. This style of sex would end very satisfying to you both.

Go out there and be a man.